Pizza Ared

Founder   : Jahanarai's Family

Objectives  : To provide our customers with the highest Quality product and best possible service at a friendly and

clean atmosphere

Our sauce is made with fresh tomatoes and vegetables in our stores daily

We make our pizza dough fresh daily with spring harvest flour. We only use 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese

At pizza ared,we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality we put into each pizza,salad and sandwich





Comments Friends

1)Pizza Ared is our favorite place for pizza. We have been going there ever since they opened 18 years ago.bayan

2)A friend took us to pizza Ared and we love their pizza You should try their pasta Alfredo with shrimp, it is heavenly.Adrin

3)Thank you pizza Ared for great service and delicious food You are our favorite .lee

4)My kids love this place. We go to pizza Ared at least once or twice per week.Mary

5) we live in Karaj and we go to pizza Ared every Tuesday for pizza with my friends We love it here because they know how to treat customers plus they have great sandwiches.amir

6)You should try there new lasagna. It is the best.George

7)steak fajitas is the best. We live pizza Ared .Best pizza in Tehran.Alice

8)very clean professional service My favorite is the pepperoni and sausage pizza.Alex